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Five questions before treatment

Doctors are experts in medicine. And you, dear patient, are the expert for your own health!

The best doctor-patient relationship is based on partnership. Therefore, always approach a medical consultation about your health prepared and make sure you have answered the following five questions.

1. Are there several options?

There are almost always multiple treatment or therapy options. Talk about all the options. By talking, you can find out what is most suitable for you and best suits your needs.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Ask about possible advantages AND disadvantages of the recommended treatment. The more you know about a treatment, the better you can assess what is important to you and what you can expect. This way you will make an informed and safe decision.

3. How likely are these?

It is important not only to know which scenarios could occur, but more importantly, how likely they are. Get educated and take time to determine for yourself what the opportunities and risks mean for you and your circumstances.

4. What happens if I do nothing?

Sometimes you can wait. Some symptoms go away on their own or do not get better with treatment. Find out what the consequences are if you wait and see.

5. What can I do myself?

How quickly you get better depends on you. Ask yourself what you can do to positively influence your health. You can also help to slow down or prevent the progression of chronic diseases.