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Our partner organisations

In the pursuit of optimal patient care, "smarter medicine" relies on many partners!

Join the ever-growing network of partners!


The organisations commit themselves to support the aims of the association, in particular:

  • Actively raising awareness of the issue of overuse and misuse of healthcare in Switzerland;

  • The empowerment of the population to have a say in the issue of overuse and misuse of health care;

  • Positioning smarter medicine as a means to improve the quality of treatment and not primarily with the aim of reducing costs;

  • Pursuing an interprofessional approach;

  • Advocating for the binding nature of the professional societies' top five lists.

Are you interested in partnering with smarter medicine?

Join a broad consortium of partners in the fight against over- and mis-treatment in medicine. Send the completed declaration and proof of your activities in the sense of smarter medicine to smartermedicine@STOP-SPAM.sgaim.ch.

Partner Hospitals

Medical societies and other organisations